Friday, October 27, 2017

BLOODWITCH Halloween Nails | Blood Splatter 2017 Nail Art

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In 2011 I posted the first blood drip nails on Youtube. Since then, its been a sensation! Now it is everywhere. I see it at the stores for sale and it stings, but I still get this overwhelming sense of joy and pride that I thought it, created it, shared it and it stuck in the universe! haha! too weird! Now BLOOD DRIPS, or drip nail art is created all over the world. To Juicy and I, it's our personal accomplishment because I didn't even know how to run a camera. Last week I found out my nail art channel was rated #4 on Youtube...I still can't really find words so I keep painting. I don't do this for the money (youtube makes sure of that), my brush sales keep me painting here and to me, My old school nail art is going to outlast EVERYTHING haha . SO, that being said,This Halloween I wanted to recreate the blood drips and last year sometime I saw this idea on Rick and Morty. It was this dripping blood wall. I took a mental note; Someday I will traverse dimensions with Rick Sanchez and when I see things like this, I don't draw the wall out or keep it for reference, I just knew I wanted to paint my own blood splatter again in more detail and give it a black sabbath vibe and Here it is! I call her BLOODWITCH one word - in Honor of "The Melvins; (A) Senile Animal" as it remains one of my favorite songs. haha! PLUS? It's bloody and has witches on it. To date this is the most fun, raw, real, disturbing, scary and fun nail design I have done for Halloween in a very long time. So much has happened and I feel so happy to be back! I love this nail art design so much. I hope you try this nail design and share it with me! Hashtag me #robinmosesnailart #inspiredbyrobinmoses #sisterhoodofnailart and i WILL see it on instagram! It will be in the Scary Nails Playlist always or search Robin Moses Bloodwitch Blood Splatter or bloody witches or blood Waterfall  on Youtube  haha! You get the idea ...oh... and...
-Happy Halloween! I love you guys! 

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

Blood splatter 2011

DIY Halloween Nails | Easy Blood Splatter Nail Art Design 

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and now THESE, UPDATED FOR 2017!!!

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