Monday, October 23, 2017

Maleficent Nails | Evil Disney Queen in the Magic Mirror Nail Art Design

Hello! Up for today is Maleficent! Here I teach how to keep your faces
as small as possible as you practice. Paint this nail design for
pennies....Its all about imagination and practice so Please read! I had a
VERY old tutorial I couldn't wait to paint, but now was the perfect
time! This evil Disney Queen, Maleficent, stands in front of her magic
Mirror Mirror on the wall that is painted a beautiful Lavender....and
stares into the mirror chrome!...She is holding a crow on one hand
magically coming out of the mirror. The other hand is hand painted with a
beautiful black silhouette dragon and Prince battling the huge creature
for the love of Snow White, the perfect Disney Nail Art Design! I love
it so much and it translates so perfectly for any time of the year!
I use craft store acrylic paints that cost next to nothing and added
some chrome mirror pigment I bought on ebay for .77 cents into the
silver folk art metallic silver paint to hand paint extra fierce
sparkles and then added a bit of No wipe gel with mirror pigments for
maleficent's face! This silver is carried through the design with hand
painted flames and fire coming out of the dragons mouth! Such a fun
halloween tutorial for nails or a design for nails any time of the year!
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Robin Moses
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