Sunday, November 12, 2017

Christmas Nail Art | Cute DIY Xmas Nails 2017 Tutorials | Holiday Nails ...

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Here is my Christmas Nail Art playlist FULL of Xmas nail ideas to keep you painting all season long! These DIY nail art designs are right from my shop on real clients. I teach new artists just trying nail art for the first time to seasoned career nail techs with advanced education and skills. Here you will find Christmas holly, Candy canes, Gingerbread men, Angels, Sexy Santas, Cute santas, Holly Berries and Snowflakes and Norman Rockwell Inspired holiday nail art! I can show you that it doesn't take special gadgets or polish, no expensive materials to get gorgeous x-mas nails. Please share this Christmas Nail Art playlist and join me in my career as a nail art instructor online and in life. Have fun painting your Holiday Christmas nail art and see all of the joy it can bring to your family, friends and fellow nail techs. Merry Christmas everyone! Please spread the word and have fun painting!

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