Monday, November 27, 2017

Christmas Nail Art Playlist | Best Ever DIY Xmas Nails 2017 Tutorials | ...

Here is the link to my ever growing Christmas Nail Art playlist. It features a multitude of different designs and levels of nail art that can be mixed and matched until you get your perfect christmas nails...for clients, friends, family or just for YOU! Try them, have fun and don't worry about being perfect, these designs cost pennies to create. Time and patience is the key. Keep rewinding, join me and have fun learning and making others smile with your amazingness! #inspiredbyrobinmoses <--the hashtag you use if you copy! Brushes I use at <--my worldwide shopify store, dedicated to bringing you the best brushes for nail art that I create just to go with my tutorials so we are all on the same page! Merry Christmas!

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