Monday, November 1, 2010

holographic glitter question :)

 Question:  In your Banksy Butterfly video, you talked about using holographic glitter in that design. Is there any way that you can tell me the name of the glitter you used and where you purchased it? I've been looking both on and offline for that and have been unable to find it anywhere!


Answer:  mine has no just says halloween glitter (this time) i checked really quick, but i buy it in different ways all the time.

i know mac makes a silver 3d glitter. you can check any halloween costume store, any craft store. i have seen it in the glitter sections of some make up sections of the beauty supply store and department stores. the actual "nail polish" of holographic glitter is called "northern lights" and it is mixed with clear polish for you, but it is very expensive and you have to keep shaking it. i would search on ebay for "3D glitter/hologram glitter/rainbow glitter..........check with all the workers at the craft stores and have them order it for you (along with foiling glue).........3d glitter comes in tubes, little flat packages, bottles....every which kind of way...i know on ebay i come across it a lot when i am looking for nail art supplies like rhinestones...:) good luck and i hope this helps

they also have 3D gold glitter in MAC too.....its about 30 bucks

i paid 3.99 for mine at halloween time in the make up section at rite aide (start stacking up on glitters now when you see them come available, because i use them a lot in tutorials! haaahahaahhahahahaha!!!!) i hope this helps! it sucks not being able to find things.


  1. oh i love northern lights glitter..i have bought gold and silver and the top in it is amazing too..we always love glitter baby xx

  2. xoxoxoxox indeed....i lovelovelovelove glitter....i will scour the world for new glitter colors!! hahahahaha

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