Monday, January 24, 2011

"halloween nail art" "diy halloween nails" "halloween nails"

here are my "day of the dead" nails and my take on "the scream nails" by edvard munch and my nails with eyeballs and veins :) enjoy your manic monday!


  1. Hi Robin, You have some beautiful designs! Are you using Nail polish for art or Acrylic paint?

  2. Hey Robin, a viewer saw my Day of the Dead jewelry on your tute, so I thought I'd check it out. Tried to friend you on FB, but couldn't. Nice work. :)

    ~Karen Hickerson

  3. These are three of my favorite designs, but all your designs are amazing! I tried out the eyeballs with veins last Valentine's Day and thought you might like to see them. Sorry for the bad picture quality, it was before I figured out how to take a good picture (which I partially learned from you answering the question "how do I take a good picture of my nail art?")