Saturday, January 22, 2011

"why does my polish bubble?" solutions to bubbles in polish

 "why are there bubbles in my polish"
 "why is my nail polish bubbling?"

there are only two culprits: hands and polish!!!


heat and oil.

---....wash your hands with cold soapy water, apply nail dehydrator (white vinegar for natural nails *and let them dry thoroughly) (...fresh nail for artificial nails by CND: for those who bubble a lot) -- that fixes the problem 99.9% of the time...i had one client that nomatter what i did, she would bubble like crazy...i still to this day do not know why...medication???? i dont know.

"why does my polish get bubbles" avoiding bubbles (in polish)

if you use too many strokes applying creates bubbles on the nail surface that 'rise' to the surface. this happens when you actively brush over and over and over and 'scrub' the polish you scrub your hair, it creates bubbles in scrub polish and get bubbles in polish.

rotate your brush in the bottle in a clock wise circle to get the bubbles out of the can see what i mean if you do it with clear polish as a 'test subject'.........(actively apply a bunch of clear on a piece of paper and scrub the polish around on a piece of paper and apply the brush back in the polish and watch how many bubbles are created!!!) when you rotate in a circle, it gets the bubbles out of the brush.

my advice...start with clean and cool nails and learn how to use your polish "calmly"

if you do get one nasty little bubble...have a pin near you (my bubble pin i have on a magnet on my lamp on my desk) just take it and pop it in the middle when the polish is tacky and then wet your finger and gently gently run over the bubble a few times and it should smooth right on out.

so!....dip your brush calmly, apply polish calmly and topcoat calmly.....the acrylic paint, you can be more wild! hahahahaha :)


p.s. if you tried it all and its just no help..maybe you have a crappy bottle of polish and try another! if its the polish..throw it away and get a fabulous one! xoxoxo haha


  1. My experience is when I have too thcik layers they bubble a lot.. thin, thin layers and let it dry some in between, less bubbles..

  2. Thanks so much for this post, I really need those tips. thanks again!!