Monday, January 3, 2011


HELLO EVERYONE!!! my news resolution is to post a tutorial every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY.

  now that the holidays are over, i will explain!---i decided to start doing tutorials october 20th for halloween, my most prolific time of year (to get a feel of what i was doing or if i even wanted to undertake such a task)---it proved to be very fun but i ended up realizing tons of mistakes and wished i would have started earlier than october 20! haha! ---so!!!! as i made videos of some fall designs, my problem was (now that its over)  i had over 100 christmas tutorials i wanted to show in less than 4 weeks and i had to narrow it down to where i could get at least a portion of that, at night i painted man nails for the basic tutorials!!! hahahahhahahah!!this was a HUGE task for my first year. i did it the very best i could and now there is a nice base of records and references for many years to come when i make new designs next year....if i would have known 2 1/2 months ago what i know now, i would have started earlier! so, now that that is over, i want to say this..........i am caught up....i have a good idea of what im doing and everything is in order! i want to thank everyone who kept up with me during these last months, it is has been absolutely amazing and so much fun :) i have met so many beautiful people who have inspired me to keep going and try harder and have made all of the extra work and late nights worth it :) thank you thank you  thank you!!!!

now, i can settle in and get a schedule of sorts....(that is not to say that i wont do a drive-by of 5 designs at once just for fun every once in awhile!!!! hahhahahah) 

my other new years resolution is to ask for help. i have always done everything by myself. i have always worked alone, been very quiet and kept to myself....i never entered nail contests or left work really..........and i am ready to change that!!!!---- i know i cannot make any of my dreams come true by myself and i will ask everyone who watches and loves my work to please spread the word, the videos, everything and subscribe and tell others to--- because i really do want to paint gallery paintings full-time and show them around the world. i want to see the world instead of just painting in a corner alone. i am giving away my nail art so that i can create a fan base for my paintings so PLEASE help me get the word out :) i need you! that is very hard for me to ask!!!---- but hopefully i will learn to trust in 'ask and you shall receive!!" have a wonderful day and may 2011 bring you love and joy and happiness in your hearts ---and may you guys reach all your goals for the year!

much love and thanks,

(adios 2010!!!!)

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