Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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hello! here i have done many different tutorials using eyeshadows for nail art. for more eyeshadow nail art tutorials, please subscribe to my channel on YOUTUBE @ robinmosesnailart and see what you can do with shadows! i have been using eyeshadows in my nail art for over 15 years and the eyeshadows i use range from wet and wild eyeshadow nail art to MAC reflects gold, MAC reflects silver, etc in nail art......using eyeshadow in nail art is so much fun. please join me in learning and making art and if you copy, please say 'inspired by robin moses' as its all i ask in return for all i teach!!!

i have read up on the new crackle polish and how it acts etc and it is not unlike pigments in high doses. here is a crackle polish inspired design using pigments. it is an alternative to those who love the new crackle polish look and i like working in this medium so i think i might have more designs like this. much love and thanks. crackle on!!!!


  1. I really like all your nail designs, but I love when you make the designs with butterflies. They are so gorgeous!!! Thanks for shared all your talent.

  2. I bought all I needed to experiment with foil glue and Inaz Glam Rock! I posted my first attempt on my blog:

    I totally credited you and plugged your name! I'm in love with this stuff and I'm going to be doing so much more. I love your videos! Fantastic teacher... I'm learning so much ;)

  3. Love this blog . These are such awesome ideas !! Checkb my blog out