Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"why doesnt my nail polish dry?" why is my polish always gummy?

there are a few reasons for this. oily nails, hormones, bad polish, poor application .....

here are some tips you can try if your nails gum up, if your nails dont dry, if your nails continually bubble.

step1. get an old toothbrush and scrub your nails with soap and water before you polish....use an antibacterial soap so you get all germs off and so the soap doesnt leave a thick residue. scrub well, underneath the nail etc......

step2. dehydration. for natural nails, oil is part of them being healthy. nail dehydrators take the oil out for a short amount of time while you are working so your nails adhere to products better without hurting your nailbed like primers do. you can use bondaid or fresh nail by CND.

for a natural nail dehydrator use a white distilled vinegar. after washing, get a cottonball filled with vinegar and wipe the nails. let them dry under a lightbulb for a couple of minutes but dont touch the nails after that, the oil from your hands oils  them up again....

step 3. polish. some swear by basecoat some dont. i am very much against basecoats and find them very superfluous. if you must, please use your favorite basecoat here, but make sure it is thin!! apply your polish (2 coats) the polish should be thin and go on smoothly. if it is thick (and many are brand new) it might be one of the polishes that dont dry! they are never know which ones do or dont dry fast!!!! however, thinner polish always dries faster and more flat to the nail. then, with a good top coat....finish your manicure.

you can use your favorite top coat.....but seche vite and pro finish are both great ones.

i hope these tips help you to get less bubbles and less gummy nails that last longer and are prettier :)

love and respect



  1. Hi Robin my young daugther has a non profit organization where she paint nails for girls with special needs, we spend our summers in Las Vegas and I was wondering if I could pay you to mentor her on cool techiniques that she could use on the girls? It would be an honor. our email is

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