Friday, February 25, 2011

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GODDESS NAILS: robin moses nail art design tutorial - YouTube


  1. Robin,
    I NEED to have that glitter from the 'moon and stars' tutorial. What is is and where can I get it? Very much appreciated.


  2. i really love the daisies on french tips!!! i'll do that once i receive the striping nail art brush i ordered.. yay! excited! =)

  3. Thanks, Robin.... such emotional and fun feelings seeing your are part of my happinness ! (sorry for my english, gasp...).. (and Petrilude bless you !)

  4. Hello! Very cool art you do =) I followed you here via my Blogger account but I am actually on the wordpress site (don't know how to work this following out yet).

    Had a question for you, I wonder what kind of nailpolish and tools would you recommend? would like to try to do some simple nail painting on myself. =)
    Thanks for your help and for sharing this awesome work!
    Kind regards,