Monday, June 6, 2011

blue flower nail art design, purple flower nail art design, hippie rainbow flower nail art design, pink daisy flower nail art design, sprintime flower nail art design tutorials up for spring flower show

PLEASE NOTE: i have combined all of my flowers into one new playlist called FLOWERS  (click here to view playlist) if you are looking to learn to paint any flowers whatsoever, go to that playlist and you will find any flower imaginable, i will be uploading new flowers to it all of the time. and as always, if you use my tutorials, please say simply "inspired by robin moses"  somewhere in the description so that i can get my name out and reach my goals to paint canvasses and show them all over the world, that is why i am teaching nail art, i am passing it down to the next generation of girls who would love to, with that said, on with monday!!!!!!

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