Wednesday, June 15, 2011

black and gold leopard print red hot kiss ATTACK nail art design tutorial, PINK AND BLACK burlesque corset nail art tutorial, sexy STEAMPUNK corset nail art

okay.......heheheheehheeh so! an guys are killing me with your requests to see my daughter is home for a partial summer break from college and she is bugging me to do it too. it makes me laugh. also, one of my idols asked me to do their nails for a convention and i am so excited. also, im going into a few more, all and all its been a wonderful week of forum should be up this weekend which makes me super happy.....just one link, every day, all the lovely is THAT gonna be? whooohooooo!!!!! have a great day! tutorials up for wednesday...saucy.

leopard print kiss attack tutorial
burlesque steampunk corsets

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