Wednesday, June 22, 2011

GONE FISHIN fishing nail art tutorial design, ZEBRA ANIMAL PRINT WITH RAINBOW HEARTS nail art design, LIGHT PINK AND BLACK BUTTERFLY DESIGN FOR SHORT NAILS. simple nail art design.

gone fishin
zebra print with hearts
whimsical butterflies


  1. Could you please tell me how mucn you charge?. I'd love if you could make a video or maybe even just a reply to this comment because my family might be venturing out to the nevada area during a big vacation we are taking. I really would like to get my nails done by you!!! :)

  2. Hi, just want to say I love your work! Amazing and inspiring! Am now following your blog.
    Is there any chance that you would like to share which brushes you use, or where i am able to get them online?

  3. hello stine and funnygrl!

    funnygrl...i do not take new clients and am not touring right now as i am making nail art videos instead, but!!! i have the answer to the question in my most asked questions link on the front page of my youtube :) my love to you! if i ever tour again, i will certainly keep you posted. my favorites playlist on youtube,there are 7 videos that show you how i choose my brush and cut it to fit me perfectly. i do this always. this way i do not depend on ONE brush to work for me...this way, they ALL work for me and i can always find one to work for me. i hope this helps. also read my link of most asked questions..its so so helpful. my love to you both!!!