Friday, October 14, 2011

420 videos (from the desk of the nail art wizard)

~*~*~*~*~*~*~and with 420 videos and halloween upon us, i celebrate. i will have others helping me man the ship while i am away. i will return shortly, revitalized and fresh and new!

on my youtube channel ALWAYS search through my "PLAYLISTS" for 100's of designs for all occasions. for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists, it will provide you with tons to learn and share! WILDLY share my name and post my videos wherever you can to help spread my nail art. please always say "inspired by" when copying any nail art. my designs are all copyrighted and protected and that is all ii ask for all i share. please show this to girls who cannot afford expensive nail art courses and need help. my love to you all and talk soon!!!

robin moses

P.S. also something i  find helpful. if you are looking for a design of mine but are having problems. google robin moses and whatever you are looking for.  for example: robin moses pirate, robin moses peacock, robin moses freddy, robin moses team jacob, etc. it will lead you quickly to many designs more quickly. i have been using this method to guide girls to certain ideas and slowly retagging my work to help bring up the correct tutorials that fit the quest.