Sunday, October 9, 2011

ray william johnson nails on facebook, robin moses paints ray william johnson, shane dawson nail on his youtube, robin moses one year anniversary on youtube.

tonight i was informed  via message on facebook that ray william johnson was about to comment on my nail portrait i did of him 2 weeks ago. i screamed. then, i screamed again. the chances of him seeing it are about 1 in 2.7 million and of liking it, one in 234234 billion. my odds might be way off, but i think my viewers really helped me. our hard work paid off and i cannot thank you  guys enough. there are no real words except i will keep trying to produce art you guys can laugh and have fun with :).....

weirdly, i had been editing my video about how i did not make all of my goals. many of my goals had changed but what remained constant were the 3 people i wanted to have acknowledge my work this year, petrilude, shane dawson and ray......they are my "shows" i watch...... (although, being on youtube a year now, i have more favorites heheheheh) ;) ;) )

when that news came in...i had to re-edit and somehow show without saying that i made all of my goals i set for myself. now my anniversary video looks choppy and crappy but to me it is perfect.  this has been on hugely busy year.

my deepest and most heartfelt thank you and love to everyone who helps me and supports my art. :) i have already started my list of what i would like to achieve in the year to come :)!!!

i could not photograph what petriludes comment was because it was a twitter and i did not know twitter then, but i believe it was something like....."i do not think this girl is human" made me smile..........because i am so vulgarly human that i make myself ill. but, for that moment....i felt like a freakishly wonderful alien and it was amazing. :)



  1. CONGRATULATIONS you deserve it! has magic hands! I love his art is so awesome !!!!! everybody has to hear from you! and your fans will make it possible .... Angel kisses!!! ... your fan from Argentina ....... n_n

  2. So glad you got the recognition from RWJ. It's so hard to get through to celebs since they are trying to keep away the stalkers and freaks. I have wondered if you started out painting or has it always only been nail art? I have just started out and find your work inspiring. I only do my own nails but I love how girly it makes me feel to have something pretty, or how I can stand out by having one of a kind nails. Thank you so much for sharing your art!