Monday, October 10, 2011

IT IS MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! VIDEO VLOG, Q&A with robin moses, and statistics for the year!

in one year i:

-made 410 videos about nail art instruction
-had 14 days off total
-cried 411 times over the pressure and things i didnt understand (yes, i counted)
-laughed countless times
-got recognized by petrilude, my favorite makeupu guru
-got recognized by shane dawson...which was so awesome because i LOVE his heart.
-got recognized by ray william johnson who i watch religiously since i dont have a tv and am still psyched about that.
-made 23,605 friends and  viewers from all over the world.
-learned there are so many languages and cultures and so many things i want to see that i never heard of before
-as of today: views of videos on this channel: 2,875,725. 
-feels like each view is hard earned water torture and i am super tired!
-feels like i am the luckiest person EVER and i want to go running!

is going to take a little break after halloween :) 
(please comment on my ray william johnson video if you want to win my handpainted bracelet)

my love to everyone is supporting, showing my work, and helping me achieve my goals to paint on canvas and show my art around the world. my love to you!!!!!!!