Friday, May 29, 2015

#imoangel Nail Art up for Friday in support of Beauty in ANY size, shape and color!

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I could write a novel on this subject, but having to grow up in society over 300 pounds most of my life and up to as high as 420 lbs, I never had a choice for clothing unless it was polka dotted in clown colors and had stirrups on the legs of the paints in bright purple. Lane Bryant is doing a campaign in support of women like I am ... completely imperfectly perfect and beautiful as is. The campaign is called #imnoangel and although my blog is tiny, maybe someone will find it that doesnt know about it and see that mainstream IS changing.

I remember having to buy sweatpants from a big and tall mans clothing store to get 4x.  had to sew and alter everything because i didnt want to look or feel worse than I already did.  Today, I have successfully kept 220 lbs off for over 8 years now and my client Juicy is down 180+ by now. We support each other. I help her understand that this is not a race, its a marathon and even if our bodies arent perfect, we can still achieve great things. She teaches me that I shouldnt be scared to dress and feel pretty, she takes time to really look glamorous every day and I just never felt I deserved that.

So here is a bit of why we are all in for #imnoangel and what it represents. Even after losing my weight, keeping it off, walking every single day of my life, eating healthy, no drugs, no alcohol----nothing.....I still dont fit into anything by Victorias Secret. and now I never want to. Thanks Lane Bryant and my love to everyone out there in the struggle!!!


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