Wednesday, September 14, 2016

DIY Fall Leaves Nail Art | Easy Autumn Nails Design Tutorial

1,200 TUTORIALS HERE:  for NEW art every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! In this Nail Design I polish dark blue gradient by @madam_glam and use a wonderful sky blue by OPI called rich girls and po boys. Sprinkled with red, yellow and orange fall leaves in acrylic paints on a brown tree limb and peppered with pearl white dots for stars for a perfect autumn night sky! This tutorial is perfect for short nails or for beginners at nail art who want to learn hand painted design. My goal is to help teach you free hand painting for nails, craft even as a challenge for your professional nail techs who might want to enhance their careers through the education of hand painted nails. Learn painting by yourself, on friends and family or share these to an instructor of your nail school or give your clients the best art you can do that is unique in a free form, inexpensive way with online nail art tutorials. create success  in the beauty industry that will allow you to support yourself and others while having fun and finding joy for themselves and others. You dont have to have expensive products or be a phony to make it in this industry. Its an 8 BILLION dollars a year industry and there is room for EVERYONE so share, have fun AND FEEL FREE in your self expression. You can do this!

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