Monday, September 12, 2016

DIY Filigree Nails | Black and Silver Nail Art Design Tutorial

here:  for NEW art every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! In this elegant black and silver filigree nail art design that is show stopping and extremely inexpensive to do once you get the technique down. If you are interested in my brushes, email me directly at with #brushinfo as the title and i will ship personally for now until my store is up if you need help with a good brush for filigree. If you are a very serious, this design can be a true test of patience  for beginners who want to learn hand painted nail art design or even perfect your craft if you are a professional nail tech who want to up their game through putting their education of hand painting nails to work. Learn to paint on friends and family or share these beautiful swirled filigree with leaves in black and slver to an instructor of a nail school wanting to give their students the best full length lessons with online nail training...My nail art tutorials will allow you to create success  in the beauty industry that will allow them to support themselves while having fun and finding joy for themselves and others. Please share your work with me if you try this design. I do all i can to teach and i love when you show me what you learn in the links below! (epecially instagram!):D

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