Friday, September 30, 2016

DIY Halloween Nails | 2 Spiderweb Designs | Drag Marble & Matte Webs Nai...

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Here are 2 spiderweb nail designs done totally different ways for
halloween nails that sparkle! 1 design is no water marbling spider web
technique found quick at the 4:00
mark that is both fun and one of the more amazing looks for drag marble
nail art. Its paired with traditional dry marble done in essie neon
orange, black and white, essie yellow and jazzed up with silver mirror
chrome glitter pigment for the perfect chrome and polish spider set on a
matte finish that is by dazzledry, the shiney webs against the matte
marbled effect makes for two completely different looks, so choose your
favorite or both for this holiday season! Its more cute than spooky and
perfect to kick off october! Try this design as it an be for beginners
who want to learn hand painted nail art designs! It is also a craft,
hobbie or practice ideas for professional nail techs who want to boost
their careers through the education of hand painting nails. Whatever
your level of ability, the key is to have fun and create your OWN looks
while sharing my channel and others so we can always be a community of
artists who others can look to and feel welcome. Join my channel and
learn to paint spooktacular looks on friends, coworkers, friends, family
or even share these with an instructor of your nail school. Good
teacher want to give their students the best tools, full length lessons
with online nail art tutorials are key to becoming good, fast.....if YOU
want it. Learning will allow them to create success for yourself and
give joy to others in the beauty industry and support yourself and your
family while laughing. I did it for my family and you can too! Please
share this video and spread the word. I cannot do it alone!!!

Essie Neons: orange and yellow
black and white wetnwild polish
silver mirror chrome pigment from ebay for 1.77
topcoat in shiney and in mattie! (the best topcoat ever) spendy but
saves your work from chipping, dulling and dries rock hard in 6 minutes.
no light needed and is vegan! can you say: badass?!?!
handmade by me: frankenpolish smokey black .50 cents!
acrylic craft paint in black from the craft store .99 cents a bottle!

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