Monday, December 19, 2016

100 Easy FULL Christmas Nails TUTORIALS | Cute DIY Xmas & NYE Nail Art for the holiday!

here is a playlist of my compilation of nail art tutorials that compile over 100 full length videos that teach techniques in nail art in a professional, well, somewhat professional work environment. I teach you how to make nail art inexpensively and not fall for the trends of the industry because you have it all there with you. Every trend, trick and hint is within you and you can find them, unlock them and ascend your nail art to the next level while finding joy in painting. Sharing IS the gift and within you, you have so many gifts to share and give and I want to try and share with YOU what I have learned. It might not be all chock filled in one video in 15 seconds, but it will inspire you and teach you as it has sent 1000's of artists to school and enhanced their lives. I teach all I teach for free and all I ask is you say #inspiredbyrobinmoses so i can continue teaching and we can grow together as a community. If you support this, please tag your photos #sisterhoodofnailart and let's keep growing!

Robin Moses
Christmas 2016

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