Friday, December 2, 2016

Just A Christmas Tree in Drag | No water Marble Nail Art Design Tutorial!

Subscribe to my channel here: Show me: Instagram: #robinmosesnailart get your design recreated: #paintmerobinmoses Here is a X-mas No water Drag Marble Nail design that is so fast and easy and makes a perfect snow covered dry marble green Christmas tree that is amazing to decorate with glitter, stones, a star, holo glitter, angels, snowflakes or whatever you desire! It is a technique that I have been using for years that never gets old or not fun! I have decided to unveil a few more new ideas for the holiday while I find the perfect collab with a nail stamp company. Very nice people have approached me so my words and your sharing are WORKING. Please share this, try this and have FUN. That is why I am here, to pave a nicer path for those starting! SO---- whoever supports freehand nail art. hashtag #inspiredbyrobinmoses if you copy my work and #sisterhoodofnailart to show your support for the artists out there who give their all to keep our industry creative and beautiful #youknowwhoyouare You guys rock and I love you. It feels great to be back after a long, cold winter. ;) Happy Holidays!

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