Thursday, December 22, 2016

NEW YEARS EVE Nail Art Playlist! | Party Nails for NYE! | Easy Firework ...

Subscribe to my channel here: Here is a compilation of tons of firework nail art, party nail art, new years eve nail art, 4th of july nail art, all hand painted nail designs that use very inexpensive materials that will give you the fiercest, most blinged out nails ever and have you ready to CELEBRATE anything you want! These are perfect birthday nails or special occasion nails when you go on vacation and are romantic and full of life! These designs are all DIY and are perfect for beginners who want to express themselves. I teach NOT to be perfect, but to have fun painting and your skills will get better with time and practice but freehand nail art is magic and will totally take your nail art game to the next level. If you are just starting or a professional tech who wants to do a little more or just have a little more fun, try them and just relax and have fun! My goal is to teach what I have learned to those seeking to find more in their matter what stage in life or skill set you have, this playlist will give you lots of fun. Please subscribe for new art every week!

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PLEASE Support all NAIL ARTISTS on Youtube. Shout out the name of whoever inspires your tutorials when you copy! Showing love for inspirational nail artists only adds to your popularity and gives the beautiful, creative people out there more confidence in nail art & creates nail art careers and education in the nail art community! So please share, give credit and have fun painting nails! Let me teach you Magic!!

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