Friday, April 7, 2017

Brush Care info at | How to keep your brush perfec...

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is a face tutorial for how to care for brushes. If you have bought my
brushes, keep it handy. I will attach this to my website asap and I hope
it helps you keep your brushes a very long time and give you lots of
joy! With each step I learn and share, I grow. So, thank you to everyone
who has supported my brushes, this channel (exactly how it is, flaws
and all) and what is to come (much, much more and all from the heart.
Please share this, my channel, my links to brushes and help anyone
struggling and needing some extra help learning hand painted nail art!

you have the brushes, please leave your testimony below and share a
little of your story for others to witness so the word can travel and we
all can have fun painting. You never know who's life you will change
for the better!

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