Friday, April 7, 2017

How to Paint ANY City Skyline Easy! | DIY Seattle Space Needle Nail Art ...

Hello Britches! Here is an easy and effective technique to learn! Please say #inspiredbyrobinmoses if you try it and blow your own mind at how fun this is! if you see this on stamps soon,  please ONLY support stamping companies who support me/US/and you guys, the ARTISTS and creators! Every bit helps us to keep going to make you new art!
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This is an awesome city sky line template technique that you can us
e to design on any length nail! I chose short nails for this tutorial on purpose and i hope its a tutorial you keep if you have clients who love travel! Here, I am showing you how to do a city at night effect using a technique that is simple, fun and easy to do for your clients and a must-know for nail art hand painting! Pick out your favorite landmarks from any city for your nail art, from new york, las vegas, or anywhere in the world! Please know I am about being real and work real...a nail art channel dedicated to teaching you how to do hand painted nail art using inexpensive materials and in a REAL life setting and I keep the bling on the nails and not gimmicks or tricks. My nails are here to learn for those searching for a career and I dont have fancy beginnings, perfect lighting or music and my voice is in real time. Here, I work in my own salon on my own clients and show you that you CAN earn a living doing nails and sharing what you do online while laughing and making perfect mistakes to take you to the next level in your professional career as a nail tech, as a mom who makes money painting nails, as a sister, friend or professional educator who wants that edge. It is easy to stamp. I love stamps. Stamping is like making posters and freehand nail art is like making paintings. Both deserve credit for making the world a beautiful place full of color and happiness. Nail art allows me to escape and it brings me joy and I want to bring that joy to serious viewers who want to learn. I am not perfect. I do not claim to try and become perfect. I love what I do. I find tons of women who do not love what they do or they spend so much money trying to "keep up" with these trends that just cannot ever make you a decent living in this profession. So, please make yourself comfortable and look around all of my playlists and get a feel of all you can learn and try...practice and patience will get you to your goals! Please subscribe for new videos every monday, wednesday and friday! Take a deep breath, rewind and LEARN nail art! Its so much fun! :D

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