Monday, April 17, 2017

Sponge Nail Art | Beginner Technique + Rainbow stripes | DIY Nails Desig...

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is a nail technique that is straight from the 80's and never gets old
or runs out of colors to use and try! Black and white sponge art
technique for nails or sponging as it is called in the shop is perfect
for any design alone or as a base for nail art or stamping. try it and
shout me out if you do. Today I threw some rainbow stripes with a
striping brush to give it some pop and to where it matches with
everything. Perfect for spring, anyone who loves rainbow nails or wants
to learn sponge nail art! I am a very simple channel dedicated to
teaching you how to do hand painted nail art using inexpensive materials
and in a REAL life setting. I dont have perfect lighting or music and
my voice is in real time. Here, I work in my own salon on my own clients
and show you that you CAN earn a living doing nails and sharing what
you do online while laughing and making perfect mistakes to take you to
the next level in your professional career as a nail tech, as a mom who
makes money painting nails, as a sister, friend or professional educator
who wants that edge. It is easy to stamp. I love stamps. Stamping is
like making posters and freehand nail art is like making paintings. Both
deserve credit for making the world a beautiful place full of color and
happiness. Nail art allows me to escape and it brings me joy and I want
to bring that joy to serious viewers who want to learn. I am not
perfect. I do not claim to try and become perfect. I love what I do. I
find tons of women who do not love what they do or they spend so much
money trying to "keep up" with these trends that just cannot ever make
you a decent living in this profession. So, please make yourself
comfortable and look around all of my playlists and get a feel of all
you can learn and try...practice and patience will get you to your
goals! Please subscribe for new videos every monday, wednesday and
friday! Take a deep breath, rewind and LEARN nail art! Its so much fun!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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