Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Magical Multi Chrome and Flower nails! Amazing Nail Art Design Tutorial!!

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Here is a design I did that I never knew when to post. I am so far
behind because I have been fixing my kitchen before the rain comes here
and am almost done! I saw this and thought "today!" so here she is! A
beautiful multi-chrome on clear and topped with flowers. Under is a holo
glitter that reflects on top through the chrome to create a 3d effect
that stuns in person. I am not huge into gels and using a lamp so I urge
you guys at home just now learning to use sheer polish just for fun to
see how amazing this can be!

find multi chromes at and tell them I sent you!

me, teaching in Portland and getting some beautiful multi-chrome
powders from wildflowernails was something I wont forget. I think they
are a great group of amazing women who along my journey have given me
faith on my path. I love trying new things and working to make things
work. I try to keep my tutorials simple and use products that most
people can find, but if you can find something like this...try a
little!!!! I upload new designs every Monday, wednesday and friday and
urge you to join me if you are seeking to learn a new art, a new hobby, a
new path or a career. It will improve your career if you have some of
these tips in your box and get you extra money if you are struggling.
Have a wonderful week and I will see you back with more so please share
this and your favorites so I can reach as many as I can who need a path,
that is my goal and I cant do it without you guys! :D

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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