Monday, August 14, 2017

Solar Eclipse Nails! Is it a Hollow Moon shadowing our Sun? Unbelievable...

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and Happy Monday! The Moon is made of cheese and my whole family was
all born on August 21st. Conspiracy theories abound! Is there really a
polish that comes out liquid chrome? Who knows the truth when the chrome
is mined from below the ancient pyramids of Giza and thrown into the
mouth of sea where Atlantis sleeps beneath Portugal! Is the hollow moon,
Holo Moon, Hall low Moon strong enough to eclipse our alien harvesting
sun? The energy source that keeps all of Douglas Adams books alive? Are
the two colliding before our eyes and are they going to coalesce and
blow holo glitter rainbows all over our flat earth covered in cameras
like in the Truman show? These are things that keep me up at night and
allow me to sweat all the ideas I have out onto the tablets of Moses.
The commandments that I follow in order to create a harmony and love
within our beautiful community of sharing. Without an earth, a sun or a
moon we would not exist!!! I am become LIFE, creator of worlds!!!!
Daily, I become more and more aware of how my existence is limited, rare
and more precious than ectoplasm at the turn of the century!! More
precious than Halloween to the bride of Houdini! Ten years is too long
so take time to travel into our consciousness!!! The moments we have
here is as magical as the metals they are mining off of the moon that
are casting shadows across our gas gun that glows the rays we need to
play!!! Our light source, a power supply for aliens to keep them
circling around us in this gigantic galaxy nail we call the universe.
heheheheh I am universally grateful and am having fun now. Bring it on
and up and over and through and when you do....just call my name and
I'll be there.

Robin Moses Beeblebrox
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D
theory master, maker of Monatomic gold, Spinner of Ormus disinformation
and creator of friendship bracelets hand painted with pigments crushed
by davinci and spun by Robert Anton Wilson.....

Hail bob

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