Friday, August 11, 2017

Retro Pink Matte Leopard Heart Nails! Sexy Diva Nail Art Design Tutorial

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Hello Everyone! Up today is inspired by Momma Ru Paul drag race! I may have gotten the name of the contestant wrong, but don't spoil it for me, I haven't started season 9! LOL!!! Here is a beautiful retro pepto pink leopard print done in a heart pattern and topped with a matte topcoat! On long nails, this design shines and never goes out of style! If you do it for Valentine's day Hand Painted Nail Art, or any time at all, this color is fabulous in any color and for a beginner at hand painted nail art or an old school handpainted nail professional! I love you guys and I am catching up!! woohooo!!! Don't give up! Share this tutorial with someone you love and you know wants to learn and show them my channel because I am here to teach and support those who want to learn designs that don't cost much money to do. Inexpensive products, practice and patience CAN and WILL get you to your goals! Please subscribe for new videos every monday, wednesday and friday! Take a deep breath, rewind and LEARN nail art! Its so much fun! :D

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