Friday, February 9, 2018

Hand Painted Flower Nails | Romantic Nail Art Design Tutorial

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Lavender flowers on a beautiful gray green tip starts with a design of leaves and buds that you do at one level and take it to the next with a full bouquet of flowers! This is such a lush and romantic nail design perfect for weddings, valentines day 2018, prom or anyone who loves floral nail art! I made at least 3 designs with this  one nail design and I show you how for pennies. Please use whatever materials YOU love and enjoy because expensive doesnt have to be best. I believe in this. Its about YOUR practice and patience for nail art and the love you get when you create it. You can do this inexpensively and unique and here is how you to start. Get the basics and lets paint together. I never got any real info after nail school so I feel it is important to help those who dont have a lot of mentors, money or time to practice without help in a direction. I want to get you started on the right track to a career that might change someones life for the better. Nail art changed my life. It is integral to my peace of mind and I consider it a form of art that is being maimed by costly trends and products over quality art. I support YOU and your love to create quality experiences and art unique to you. Please spread my message, my word and this video to those you know will love it, need to see it or just want to have fun painting nails. It is from MY shop, I do the nails before I paint them, I only use inexpensive materials unless others are given to me and I wanted to try them. I have done nails for 28 years and was a pioneer of nail art done with acrylic paints on polish and drag marble designs. I have worked in the worst and the best nail salons with the best and worst nail techs. I am here to share my work and my story slowly as I evolve my channel and give you all I can to help with your success. Thank you to everyone watching, supporting and using my channel to make others feel beautiful at every level. Don't fall for anything less, you can be the change in this world. Have fun painting your nails, nail art is magic.

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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