Monday, February 26, 2018

Gorgeous Butterfly Nails! Fresh Spring 2018 Nail Art Butterflies Design!

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Hello! I have been doing butterfly nail art tutorials since 2011 and
this one was easier finally LOL! Technique matters just like anything we
are doing here together with nail art. I wish I had the help to have
made great looking tutorials from the beginning but what I have come to
learn and believe is that we all have our own path with unique strengths
and weaknesses that teach us what we need to learn in our lifetime. For
me, its been social media and learning to trust my voice and my
experience in extreme adversity. My talent came from practicing this art
for so many years that it finally "clicked" for me and I became
successful in an industry where most give up the first year and never
make enough to pay their bills. I want to pass this for ONE one did it for me. I had NO mentors in this craft. The
industry (the school I went to and paid a loan to for 15 years, the
brands I bought from, the owners I worked for, never showed us how to be
ART is what paid my bills, supplies and my booth rent but, I had to
fight for it.
To see it now so open and beautiful is a true blessing. However I still
read thousands of stories about the struggle that I still see with my
own eyes.
We need LOTS of good artists out there IN THE SHOPS....there is a place
for everyone, but we need artists KILLING IT in the shops so we can
ascend and make nail art strong and real in the BEAUTY INDUSTRY. The
nail industry is worth BILLIONS and you deserve to be honored for
co-creating in this art form.
Stay strong. Know your worth and practice, practice, practice your nail
art and you will never need to worry about your career and how high you
can go, it is unlimited and you can soar financially and creatively with
or without our industry having your back. But, I know if we come
together, it will happen faster and bigger and it will be so amazing and
this is where 'i' have to be patient and true to ME...dont give up and I
wont either! I love you guys!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

p.s. Please keep our community friendly and full of joy by always
naming who inspires you. Ask fashion and beauty magazines to please name
the nail artist in photos. Ask for transparency for what payments are
for each nail you do for magazines. Make sure you are treated fairly and
your fellow sisters and brothers are too. Lift up everyone you know who
are working hard to make us look great! #inspiredbyrobinmoses
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