Monday, February 19, 2018

Nails On Fire! Traditonal Drag Marble Flames Nail Art Design Tutorial

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Hello! I had been procrastinating doing a traditional fire design for so
long. I dont know why because it is has been a favorite forever. So,
here is a no water drag marble design done in traditional red, orange
and yellow polish set on a french tip. this also works great on black
polish too. It creates a look bigger than its elements. It is a
technique that once learned, no one can take from you. This helps to
create the skills you need to get your nail art to the level you are
looking for. It takes practice, patience and an open mind. You CAN do
this and you can make a career with this education that will last a
lifetime and only costs pennies to do. An inexpensive and joy filled
experience to learn and share with clients, friends and family. This
design is perfect for halloween, anytime you want cool nails, concerts,
bonfires and more! I hope you have a great time painting them and show
me by tagging me #inspiredbyrobinmoses if you do!

Robin Moses
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