Monday, August 15, 2011

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lotus blossom flower nail art
fire woman nail art tutorial
breakdancing nail art tutorial

from the desk of robin moses


here is a note i pass from time to time that really is helpful and something all new artists should know. if you try any of my work, please say "inspired by robin moses"
(or whoevers word inspires you!!!)
    MY designs are registered with the library of congress. saying "inspired by robin moses" will not infringe upon that copyright. however, THAT is all i will ever ask!!!-- just to say "inspired by robin moses" for ALL i teach and give to you and that gets my name out in the world to reach my goals.
    i say this from time to time because new artists do not know to say this. it is the right thing to say who inspires you. it helps the dedicated artists who are working hard to be seen and trying so hard to be discovered. i work from a database of 1000's of my own designs right now, but when i am done with that, i definitely want to work on (and give credit to) a list of artists here online that have inspired me. there is so much talent and wonderful girls online. not many can afford to copyright their work. i am going to try to send this message out from time to time and i hope you do is 'the nice and RIGHT thing to say'
   it is not a bad thing to copy art!!!!! is the highest honor for all people involved. it also makes you great friends and creates a wonderful environment to expand, today i put out a thank you to all who have done this for me now and in the future, please spread THIS advice as far as you can so all artists who are creative have a chance to rise in this medium. :) my love and respect always :)

robin moses.

P.S. know that not abiding by this law suffers up to $200,000 PER infringement. that is no joke! to avoid it ALL just say: "inspired by robin moses"....and you dont know WHO is copyrighted, so its best to always say who and what inspired you ALWAYS.  if you would like your art registered and copyrighted with the library of congress visit: to get all of the details!!!!

MY LOVE TO YOU.....:) protect yourself and your work as best as you can and help others who cannot by doing this small deed, copyrighted or not..

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