Monday, August 22, 2011

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smurfs and smurfette nail art tutorial link here!
GOOGLE EYE NAILS (Louboutin "deja vu slingback inspired) tutorial here (click here)
"the christian louboutin "deja vu" slingback fall 2011

when i saw the deja vu sling back pumps by christian louboutin i gave pause and thought of what a genius he is. being in my business, the glitter and bling and hugely oversized bangle, baubles and dangles have just been so over the top that when i saw the eyes, those eyes!!, i felt as if argos himself were making fun of me. i usually dont have an opinion one way or another regarding trends or whats "in" i just flow with what comes and go... but this particular design resonated with me. it taunts you to look deeper......beneath the 30 cent google eyeballs is probably some of the most well crafted leatherwork in the world--- by a man who has dedicated his life to line, artistry, craftsmanship and beauty....i adore him as a creator of art and i thought i would add this silly paragraph. i had to immediately create a "wear-a-long" and am excited to see if this trend stretches out or if it cuts .....what kind of taffy is the universe pulling??----i wonder.