Wednesday, August 3, 2011

M&M nails, retro skulls pink and black rose nail art, summer camp out nails, designs up for wednesday

m&m nail art tutorial
summer camp out tutorial
retro girlie skulls with black roses nail art tutorial


  1. Your nail art is AMAZING! I wish I was at least half as talented as you! lol Do you do nail art for a living?

  2. Nice work. I love your pigment designs. I would like to do them but i have natural nails. Can you use the best glue ever on natural nails? If I can't what would be safe for natural nails so i could do your designs?(I really like the print design based off of some glasses you have. Thanks.

  3. My friend that I work with got me hooked onto your nail designs, I have attempted a few of them so far, some of them turned out better than I expected and some....not so much. I love to watch your videos, you make this look so easy! I have never been an artist I made f's in all my art classes in school, but I have learned alot from you, I have been completely inspired by you to start doing my own nails, and it makes me feel like I have made an accomplishment everytime I finish a design. I would love to have a camera so I could take pictures and show you...I love to watch Katie Cazorla on Nail Files, I respect any artist and I would never bash anyone's work ever, but I just have to say that I believe she needs to relinquish the title "Queen of Nails" to you, I just can't get over your art, it's amazing and you suprise me everyday!!!! My favorite design is Marilyn Monroe, I am such a huge fan of hers and you just hit the mark with those nails, I truly think you are amazing!!!!!