Thursday, August 25, 2011

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A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS jack and sally nail art tutorial
yellow and lavender french impressionist nail art design tutorial

hello everyone! i am posting these up a little early for friday tutorials. everyone have a great weekend and my love to you! please show them on your blogs, on your facebooks, anywhere to help get them seen. my love and thanks to you guys :) i <3 my viewers a lot. :):)


  1. I keep hearing references to your fab nail art on other nail blogs. Finally I found you on a blog roll!!! Yeah. Now just add a widget from Blogger to subscribe via email. It's way easier for a whole lot of us folks to keep up that way vs dashboard. Would so love to see you drop into my in-box ever new blog that goes out!!! I am going to be up all night now looking at months of older posted magnificent works of art!Bravo I applaud you. Gallery worthy!

  2. AHHHH! I LOVE THAT MOVIE! So much nostalgia! I am going to definitely attempt this for halloween!

  3. TNBC blew my mind ! My best friend LOVES TNBC and she will love this when I show her !

    I plan to go to nail school, and also learn massage therapy and hair cutting / dying .

    I hope to one day be this good!
    You are now someone who I will closely follow and look to for inspiration to help me get to this point.

    Your working is really amazing !

  4. PS - i also just started out as a blogger , you can check it out

  5. hello and thank you guys so much! juicebox, i am following, thank you for the link :D

    beachgal, i am SO happy to know i am finally being talked about on some blogs, scream it out girl!!!!! i have been doing this for forever and i love your personality..if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask :) it will take me a bit to remember so say beachgal from the blog i can reference where i saw you but i really really appreciate your comment and my love to you! i am excited about this first year was SUPER hard and i am beginning to see i can start to chill and have some fun just teaching :):) (its wayyyy harder to get viewers) lololol

    huge hugs to you guys, i am so glad you like these :)


  6. i just adore nightmare before christmas :-D
    great job, as always *_*

  7. I seriously cannot express how much you inspire me. You are an amazingly talented women. Keep up the awesome work!

  8. I love the nightmare nails <3

  9. I am blown away at your talent!! I am bookmarking the page and cant waiIf your ever in my neighborhood I'd love to be a set of demo nails ;) I LOVE LOVE Nightmare before christmas, trying to convinge the fiance' <3 the beautiful art work. Keep it up. I shared with all my girlies too!!