Monday, November 14, 2011

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jenna marbles portrait on a nail. please pass this to jenna if you are her fan, i want her to see it!!

(above) the initial jenna marbles "the face" portrait tutorial that was lost on my video camera. i back up all pictures for when i am copyrighting the material i paint. so here is the lost full set. it was hilarious and a bit more simple. this one was super fun to me and i had a great time with it.

update: the first upload link to jenna marbles was super bad quality. i had to RE:UPLOAD it and so now the links work. it is so important that you guys show this to jenna and truly this has been such a hard tutorial for me, technically. lol. i have had NO LUCK with this video at all, i hope hope that it is well loved in return, because gave me a hard ass time! xoxoxoxo

working link posted here
just in case :D xoxoxoxox