Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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THANKSGIVING characters pilgrim and falling leaves: robin moses nail art design tutorial 513

here is a cute cartoon thansgiving scene that i did on juicy. she wanted them up this year, i wanted them for next year. she won. hahahahahaha, shes been winning a lot lately :) have a great holiday! see you guys soon! please pass these out to everyone who will love them, spread the word and please say "inspired by robin moses" if you try and show them so i can find new girls. this design was inspired entirely by juicy...hahahahah :D


  1. So cute!!! I need to stop using Google Play, I think I'm missing out on posts or something. :( At least I caught the last one so I could look through the few posts I missed. I dedicated an item to you in my first blog giveaway. Acrylic paints. I love your tutorial on cutting brushes.