Monday, November 28, 2011

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 monster high green girl, frankie stein: robin moses doll nail art tutorial 529
here is a monster high frankie stein design
and here is a starry starry night design using shimmermint mineralized pigments by MAC. i have been using eyeshadow in nail art since 1997. it enhances the design while it also adds dimension that you cannot really capture with a camera. i fully explain and do TONS of nail art designs USING EYESHADOW...please subscribe and see how i use many kinds of eyeshadows in nail art and look for tons of different techniques that make eyeshadow that much more fun..for nail art, lipgloss and more!
PLEASE if you copy, say "inspired by robin moses" or if you are inspired by any other artist, please say "inspired by _______" so we can give credit to each other and create a positive community full of designs that are continually evolving and growing without breaking apart from jealousy and hurt feelings. it is important to me and many other artists that you do this! my love to you guys :D:D more to come! 


  1. Amazing as always!!! You are hands down my favorite nail artist! I have your button on my page and I've sang your praises in a few of my posts. Keep up the amazing work!!!

  2. Hello Robin,

    I was inspiret by a design that you made. (a older design). I loved it and i made that design on my nails. I've post it on my blog. I would like i've you loke at it. I've got one in gold and one in silver.


  3. thank you so much!!!! iris, thank you! please say "inspired by robin moses" somewhere on the links you got inspired by me from! i left comments! my love to you!

  4. Thank you Robin for you're sweet comment :D
    xx Iris