Monday, November 21, 2011

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hello! if you are watching my videos, please thumbs up, comment and favorite the videos you like. here is why. if i get lots of that type of activity, youtube is NICER to me...meaning my videos get featured more and then they find girls who want to learn and i am more exposed than if i get little activity. i dont like how some people beg all the time to do this, but i understand why now. if you are already watching, can you please just take a few extra seconds and do this, it really helps me achieve my goals and keep posting more. (this also is the case with the +1 thing below on this blog..the more +1's you get, the more your pics can be seen in engine, do this for everything you guys love and do it for me if you are already here and looking :) have a great day and see you wednesday with more!!! thank you guys so so much :D 


  1. These are stunning!!

    I nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my blog! Hope you check it out!

  2. aww..thank you so much!!!!!! :) you guys are awesome :D

  3. It´s amazing!!! where buy that paper?