Friday, January 20, 2012

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Im sexay and I know it retro holo rainbow …  (eyeshadow nail art!) here i used inaz glamrock eyeshadow found at inaz cosmetix on facebook!

  I'm sexay and I know it rainbow graphic ab…  (doing your nails with eyeshadow) here i used mac and many other eyeshadows to form this eyeshadow nailart nail design!

  Im sexay and I know it pink zebra stripe na…  here is used eyeshadow MAC REFLECTS PINK to create this nail art design!

glitter star rainbow bombs, laser light nails with rainbow pigments and glitters and super shiny pink zebra striped gum inspired nail art (remember that zebra striped gum, i wonder if they make it still?) when i did those nails, i kind of smelled that gum in my that weird? heh


  1. Awesome! Amazing! Stupendous!

  2. The last one is really pretty!!

    I made a nother nail art what looks like one of you're nailarts.
    I hoop you ckeck it out.
    This is the site:

    xx Iris