Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Easy Short Nail Retro Paisley Design: robin moses rainbow bandana nailart tutorial FNORD 561

 easy short chic nails with funky peace signs: robin moses natural pastel nail art tutorial FNORD 557


  1. I love both of these! So cute!

  2. Hiii, i really like all your nails, but i think you should change the background (for sth ..plain), cause i cant focus on the patterns you painted :)

  3. thank you! :D:D

    this background is very special to me. i am mourning the loss of a man who was like my father who said i can make my dreams come true if i try hard enough---i am working very i am keeping this background until i believe i can make it. :) please spread the word of my art :D

  4. I nominate you for the Kreativ Blogger Award, Robin. You are SUCH an inspiration to me! All the info is on my blog!