Monday, January 9, 2012

"dog paw nails" "cat paw nails" "seed beads" "green skulls" "green skull nails" "green skulls" "rainbow nails" "pink opal" "opal nails"


beautiful holographic green teal skulls, opal red seed bead nail art tutorial and a memorial rainbow and dog paw print nail art design for monday :) 


  1. I love those skulls!

  2. The dog paws french manicure is amazing!!
    I really love that design, this one is coming on my try out nail art designs list.

    I've i make these i will send a link to my blogpost.

    A few months ago i made a nail art zebra design inspired by you. This is my blogpost.
    I hoop you like it.

    I made a nother design with zebra stripes bud should still upload when I do this i will let you know.


  3. I just discovered your blog and youtube channel! I'm so excited!! I am relatively new to the whole blogging thing and yours is so full of ideas! I've spent hours looking around your stuff! Quick question: the acrylic paints you use, do they need to be dried under a special lamp or can you just apply a top coat like Seche vite over them? They look so much better and easier to work with than nail polish for creating designs!!