Friday, January 13, 2012

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VALENTINES DAY NAILS "so sick": robin m…

easy valentines day nail art tutorial: robin… 

here are cute soft rainbow wallpaper heart designs and long french manicure with a pink life line that reads "so sick" up for friday. these are from last year that i could not get up in time and are shot with a lower quality camera. please forgive the quality! as always, please help spread the word and tell all other nail art lovers about me and if you copy ANY artist, please say "inspired by__________" whoever inspired you. (my art is all copyrighted) --but!--it is important to do this because it will build a great art community here online where we can all share and have a great time doing nail art that stays fresh instead of copied and stolen with bitter feelings. :) my love to you!

robin :D 


  1. I REALLY love the hearts!

  2. I love your work, you inspire me to try new things with my artwork on nails.
    Thank you so much!!!