Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bold DIY Prom Nails to offset simple dresses. Trendy Spring Nail Designs for any ensemble!!!

Nail Art Tutorial | DIY Flower Nails | Neon flowers & Black Tip Nail Design (click for tutorial)

In the next weeks I will be posting floral and other ideas for prom or prom and spring combined. Both trendy and bold or neutral and elegant, these nails will get you attention! Take the tutorial to your nail tech or have a party at home and paint each others nails, just follow my tutorials, rewind, take your time, remember less is more and HAVE FUN....What you want to remember is to keep your acrylic paint really thin with water and then seal it really well with a nice topcoat and then...SHINE on a night you will never forget! AND (PROM GIRL AND BOYS) Be responsible!!! (links to elegant and flower playlists below with hundreds of ideas) :D *love*

Wedding Nail Art, Prom Nails and Ideas for beginners to advanced Artists!

Flower Nail Art Playlist | Easy Nail Art Tutorials | Floral Nails Design Ideas for beginners to Advanced Nail Techs!