Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cute Spring Sponge Technique Tutorial for surfer waves!

Nail Art Tutorial | Surf Nails | Easy Spring Sponge Nail Design Technique

This technique is one of my first designs almost 25 years ago..It was 1990. I remember wanting to create water and I read about how to make waves and saw that this artist used a big sponge to get the spray effect at the tips. I tried it and failed miserably. I needed a small small sponge and I went searching all over in art stores etc. I found the perfect sponge in a regular kitchen sponge! I sat and perfected it on paper and began on toes. Ever since I have never looked back...because this is so versatile, it never goes out of style and it helped me so much to get clients and grow my nail business.

My love and luck to all new nail artists out is hard, but so worth it.


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