Friday, April 17, 2015

Soft Spring Daisy Nail Art Tutorial on Pink nails up for Friday! 2015 Prom Perfect Nail Trend Ideas Continued!

Nail Art Tutorial | Spring Daisy Nail Design | DIY Easy Prom Nails

Flower Nail Art Playlist | Easy Nail Art Tutorials | Floral Nails Design Ideas for beginners to Advanced Nail Techs!

 Elegant Nail Art Playlist | Easy Formal Nail Designs | Nail Tutorials for Wedding Nail Art, Prom Nails and Ideas for beginners to advanced Artists!

Here are 2 playlist full of prom nail art ideas that range from beginner to advanced! Please look at the name of the design and then search that design in the playlists! (they are not perfect but you search 'robin moses red rose black tip' etc on youtube, you usually will find what you want according to the pictures I put up. The Playlists are forever changing and I make the best search engine I can :D hahahahah :D However!  I linked the 2 playlists you might find your favorite prom nails in (above) :D Have a wonderful time, Be responsible and remember your special night always! ohhhh...and have fun painting :D

To the nail techs and Nail school instructors sharing my name and messaging me, thank you. You guys are who lift me and  keep me smiling! I am grateful and also so happy I can help you in any way to make your dreams come true. 


Nail art wizard Ph.D

(Now for more prom nails!)