Monday, April 13, 2015

Soft Neutral Floral Nails; Prom Nail Art ideas up for Monday!

Nail Art Tutorial | Easy Flower Prom Nails | Soft Vintage Floral Nail Design

Here is a list of prom nails all found in my flowers playlist. each design has a tutorial to teach you the best and easiest way to get this look for prom or any black tie event. Please see my flowers playlist

Flower Nail Art Playlist | Easy Nail Art Tutorials | Floral Nails Design Ideas for beginners to Advanced Nail Techs!


or see my elegant nails playlist for tons of prom nail art ideas and designs all put to tutorials for you to learn for yourself or for a client!


Elegant Nail Art Playlist | Easy Formal Nail Designs | Nail Tutorials for Wedding Nail Art, Prom Nails and Ideas for beginners to advanced Artists!

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