Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sharpie Nail Art Hack! Easy Nail Art Tutorial Topped with spring flowers!

Hello Nail Art Monsters!!!

If you are having problems with newspaper and newsprint and want nails that are both vintage and easy then try this hack! It blends vintage in with simplicity for an almost effortless background for your floral...Perfect for the romantic and for special occasions like weddings or prom, this nail design can be worn any day and be fantastic and better yet, it is simple!!!Please share this design with your nail school instructor to have it taught in your nail art classes. Take it to your technician with a sharpie pen (fine lined) and have her try it! Take it to your nail art location and try it out for yourself and have fun! My love to you guys and Ill see you back with more!

Lady Moses
aka. The Nail Art Wizard Ph.D
or....Robin Moses if you're Nastay! :) LOL (Links below for tons more!!!)

Easy Sharpie Nail Art HACK Completed with Flowers! Newspaper Nail Design Tutorial
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  1. U are awesome loving u in Alabama love seeing the things u do miss lady

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